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Client Reviews

I am so happy I chosen her to be my lawyer. Ms. Michaels was very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient with me as I asked her so many questions lol. She replied promptly with my calls or texts with any questions or concerns that I had. She allowed me to make a payment plan that was convenient for both me and her. With her by my side I was able to walk away with no conviction on my record which was my main concern to keep my current job or any job in the near future. I am grateful that I met you Ms. Michaels. Thank you for everything!!

- Anonymous

Attorney Ellen Michaels did for me exactly what she said she would fight for, and successfully dismissed my open intoxicants case. Her enthusiasm and confidence made me feel comfortable also reassuring I picked the right attorney for the job! I would highly recommend!!

- Anonymous

Ellen Michaels successfully got me removed off of the Sex Offender Registry. Played a big part and in changing my life and helping me move forward. I would recommend her to anyone, she makes sure she gets the job done.

- Matthew

I hired Ellen Michaels to represent me after I was charged with retail fraud 3 in Livonia. She was wonderful to work with, she understood my financial situation and worked with me even after others would not. She is genuinely caring and she has one of the most reassuring personalities of anyone that I have met. I was given 9 months of probation and 6 days of work program and nothing on my record. I was so fortunate to have met her.


Ellen represented my daughter when she received an MIP. She not only fought for a full dismissal, which she was able to get, but she listened to and supported my daughter throughout the process. We were so thankful for this as we live 2000 miles away and were unable to join the proceedings in person. She treated our daughter like her own, and we can not recommend her highly enough. Kind and smart! A great combo.


Ms. Michaels truly knows the law and goes above and beyond for her clients. She fights incredibly hard for her clients in order to get the best possibly outcomes. I have referred people to her who have also been incredibly content with her work. She is extremely attentive to her clients and there through every step of the legal process. She answered all my calls, texts and emails promptly. She also answered all questions I had thoroughly and ensured I understood the legal process. Ms. Michaels is an incredible attorney and I would use her again and recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney.

- Caroline

Ms. Michaels went above and beyond what was necessary! She is unbelievably smart, dedicated and caring. Ms. Michaels knows the law, fights really hard for her clients and truly cares about them. I have used her myself and have referred many people to her; everyone has only positive things to say about her. She returns calls promptly, takes the time to explain everything involved in the case and the options available. Ms. Michaels is unbelievably compassionate and yet very tough in court. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great attorney!!!

- Julie

Ms. Michaels fought for me every step of the way. She was smart and tough. I was so grateful to have her fighting for me. I was accused of Domestic Violence and it was all lies. Ms. Michaels believed in me. She got my case dismissed because she knew the law and knew my rights. I highly recommend Ellen Michaels.


We retained Ms. Michaels to help our daughter at the University of Michigan. She was charged with several misdemeanors. Since we live far away it was so important that we hire a great attorney who knew what she was doing and kept us informed every step of the way. She explained everything to us in a way that we could understand. She always returned our calls promptly. Her professionalism deserves to be recognized. Ms. Michaels was everything we hoped for. She got one of the charges dismissed. Our daughter only paid a fine on the other charge and most importantly no criminal record. Above and beyond our expectations.

- Harold

Ellen was very professional and handled my legal matter expertly. She was on time and efficient with my case and advocated strongly on my behalf. I would highly recommend her to others in need of an attorney.

- Julie

Ms. Michaels represented me on two separate matters, and in both cases provided excellent counsel and service. She was very prompt in answering emails and phone calls, and took care of all court details. She is intelligent and extremely knowledgeable about the legal process. I would employ her again and recommend her wholeheartedly.

- Ken

In 2012 my son got involved with the wrong people, which is easy to do. He racked up a series of misdemeanors, and was charged with a felony. We realized we needed a lawyer, but our resources were limited. With no personal contacts I turned to the Internet. I was basically throwing darts. I made one call, and he did not return my call in 24 hours, so I moved on to the next entry on the list, Ellen Michaels, and I’m glad I did. She consolidated several cases into one, thus any time served would be concurrent, and her expenses were reduced commensurately. She provided excellent representation in several districts for a very reasonable fee. Beyond the mechanics of the cases, she actually cared about my son, and about us. She gave him information about how a felony can be expunged, something lawyers rarely do. She tried to steer him towards a life plan that would lead to success after jail. (This is almost impossible under our criminal justice system but she tried.) She knows when probation is a viable option and when it is a path to failure, leading to yet more jail time. She knows how judges work and how the system works. She can’t change it, but she can steer you through it. At times my son has said, “She saved my life.” I don’t think this is an exaggeration. If you’re in trouble, please call Ellen Michaels.

- Karl

Ellen Michael’s was a Godsend. My son was a rebellious teenager and ran with some manipulating people. He picked up many misdemeanors and a felony. We found Ellen and she believed in him and us. To an outsider you would think she waved her magic wand and got my son a better deal then we could imagine. She knows the law and talked to the judge and the prosecuting attorney. She was able to get the misdemeanors combined and reduced in spite of an adversarial judge. Ellen also knows the probation system is very hard to get through. She knew my son was unable to afford probation or get through its demands. She was very thorough at very reasonable rates. We have recommended her to our friends and family for very vast legal issues. They agree that Ellen Michaels is a great lawyer.

- Wendy

Attorney Ellen is an Angel sent from above. She was able to bargain with the lawyer on behalf of my best friend and I when we got into serious trouble. We hired Attorney Ellen and she talked for us in court. We were able to pay fines and not receive jail time. Thank God for Attorney Ellen.

- Anonymous

I am highly pleased with how Ms. Ellen Michaels handled my case. Ellen Michaels is a very competent attorney, her welcoming disposition put myself and family at ease when discussing my case. I appreciated her professional timely manner when responding to any call I needed to make., If ever I needed the services of a lawyer in the future I would call on Ellen Michaels and I would highly recommend her to others.

- Anthony

She helped me with 2 separate cases and with both of them she was able to bring down the charges and made it a very stress free ordeal. She is so nice and would answer me whenever I called or got back to me very soon after.

- Elizabeth

Attorney Michaels is an awesome attorney a quick and shrewed thinker and decision maker she knows her law she gets desirable results and takes the extra step

- muslimahmannan

I got in a heap of trouble in two different cities. Charged with 3 misdemeanor and 2 felony’s. Ms. Michaels explained everything to me. She had a strategy and she knew all the people in the courtroom. I got nervous and she took my call at all hours day/night. I got reduced charges and probation. No jail time. Highly recommend her services.

- Anonymous

I recently had Miss Michael as my lawyer and I must say she did a wonderful job very knowledgeable she stays in contact with you, shows up on time to court and she’s going to put out her best effort she’s going to try her hardest to get you justice and that’s what she did for me I appreciate her and I recommend her to my fullest. And also she got my case dismissed

- Michael

I had never been in trouble I needed a lawyer and I found Ms Micheals she help me out and my case to where I’m only serving a 6months probation she attended ever court hearing and made sure she fought for my rights im very happy with the outcome thanks again Ms.Micheals awesome job

- Anonymous

Ellen was really helpful in advising me about deciding whether or not to take legal action. I felt like she thoroughly understood the issue and was able to walk me through all of the aspects of it so that I could make the best decision.

- Beth

A couple of years ago my wife and I found ourselves adopting a child of which was not related to either of us. Long story short we were referred to Ellen by a friend who understood our desperate state. Because of Ellens compassion and willingness to help us she took on our case at a fraction of what everyone else was wanting. This was not a typical adoption or an easy one. At no fault of Ellens the adoption turned into more of a custody battle. Ellen never bailed, gave up or even asked for more money. She fought for us until it was over. She was very resourceful and made the court system work on our favor. She kept us updated throughout the whole ordeal and never ignored our calls. With Ellens help the adoption was finalized and a child’s life stabilized. I sleep better knowing Ellen has my back.

- Robert

Client Reviews

I hired Ellen Michaels to represent me after I was charged with retail fraud 3 in Livonia. She was wonderful to work with...


Ellen represented my daughter when she received an MIP. She not only fought for a full dismissal, which she was able to get...


Ms. Michaels fought for me every step of the way. She was smart and tough. I was so grateful to have her fighting for me. I...


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